Case Studies

Dongwon Steel


This project was for a factory located in the Czech Republic, but run by a multi-national automotive parts company that supplies to automakers such as Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, and Toyota. An analysis was conducted to clear up the ongoing quality issues the factory was having and it was determined that poor lighting that did not meet industry standards was one of the root causes. This project is an example of achieving superb results beyond basic requirements by replacing existing metal halide lighting products with the GigaTera® LED bay lighting system.


Upon analysing the existing factory lighting environment, a total of 333 lighting units had been installed, measuring an average luminance of 240 lux. By maintaining the same number of lighting units, the factory required a minimum value of 500 lux, the industry standard, for its work environment, and also required solutions for additional maximisation of energy savings with improvement to the work environment by applying wireless dimming control.


When analysing the data results after project completion, replacing existing 450W metal halide units with 160W LED high bay units not only achieved energy savings of 65%, but also obtained a lighting readout of 597 lux, Which is a 149% improvement. The benefit is not only a work environment that not only has a colour temperature that is easier on workers’ eyes, but is also a notch-up in luminance. This not only increased employee work efficiency, but helped the client meet the goals of this project which was to achieve improvements in product quality.