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GigaTera EFL

Optimal LED lighting for eco-friendly industrial sites 145 lm/W provides outstanding light efficiency. Its light weight makes for easy installation and outstanding savings.

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GigaTera IBL

  • Glare-free and highly efficient light
  • Excellent uniformity and beam angle of 80° and 130°
  • Easy replacement and installation
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GigaTera MAHA

  • Unrivaled efficacy 145 lm/W
  • Replacement for HID flood light
  • Outstanding cooling technology and durability
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GigaTera NM

  • Ensured long life and excellent cooling structure
  • Glare control with cutoff optics
  • NEMA-Photo Sensor (optional)
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GigaTera SEGA

  • Long life cycle with vertical thermal fin structure
  • High Bay light with high energy saving
  • Wireless dimming control associated with light control system (optional)
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GigaTera TANA

  • Excellent cooling system
  • Ideal for industrial applications, hazardous work space and areas where gases, vapors and dusts may be present
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GigaTera WAPA

  • Multi-Functional
  • Easy replacement and installation
  • Wireless lighting control
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